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Normalizing mental health -- for

all communities -- through both the real-life and professional experiences of diverse health & wellness experts

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Why We Do It

As a minority and LGBT-owned business, we believe in destigmatizing mental health.  In order to do that, our host and founder, Rico Ricketson, interviews health and wellness experts from a myriad of fields to discuss issues around both mental and physical wellness.  Rico also has frank conversations on hard topics to give a voice to those who need it most.  Our videos serve to not only connect experts and professionals with our members, but to also discuss the impact stigmas have on everyone's mental wellbeing.  The goal is moving forward happily and healthfully.


Now, you may be wondering why we’re called MH3.  In March of 2020, Covid19 began hitting an ill prepared world.  As quarantines and self isolation became the norm, we realized that the fundamental way of life for everyone would change drastically, and we didn’t know for how long.  We also knew what that would mean for many vulnerable groups in the U.S., groups that were already dealing with stigmas associated with mental health, that could become exacerbated during Covid19. 


So, we got to work and brainstormed what we could do to help people cope with this new norm.  The result?  We founded Mental Health Half Hour, a place where anyone could come to learn more on a variety of mental health and wellness topics hearing from experts, professionals, and survivors themselves.  Mental Health Half Hour is also a mouthful, so we shortened it to MH3.  Welcome to MH3!


We also believe that underrepresented entrepreneurs are the leaders our world needs to develop the tools and solutions to drive the urgency to change for the better.  To match our belief, we are dedicating our time and passion to marketing and product development for underrepresented entrepreneurs in mental health.  We are still in the pilot phase, but if you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Thank you for your help. Nice people still do exist in this world. I now believe my products have a fighting chance!

-Debbie Edmunds 

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC-S, CART

MH3 Incubator Pilot Participant.

July 2020


Everyone’s story is valuable.  We also recognize the nature surrounding the topics we focus on at MH3.  Understanding this has led us to highly value not only our members, but the stories and advice of our experts and of those survivors who wish to share their stories with us and the world.  

Honor Their Voices

We create global partnerships to extend the reach of our stories to help people everywhere.

Protect Their Voices

We make it safe and possible to tell our stories and share advice in a safe, accessible environment.

Help Save a Life

We aim to help or save a single life with every video we produce.

Relentless Innovation

We evolve with our members, not against them, and strive to continuously innovate MH3 to benefit all. 


At MH3, we believe in openness.  Your monthly or annual membership not only supports MH3 in helping us grow and improve our content for you, but also helps us support charities and

non-profits that are important to our experts and those we interview. 


Every video we produce, we ask our experts if they have a charity or non-profit that they support.  If so, we love to bring attention to that cause and support it however we can.  Keep a look out for these charities and non-profits in our videos and support them, too, if you're able.

Our Team

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Rico Ricketson

Founder and CEO, MH3

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, a racially motivated hate crime and the grandson of a Lt. Col. of the United States Air Force, our founder, Rico Ricketson has always had a sense of urgency to help in a time of need.

When Rico learned of Covid-19's spread throughout Italy in March of this year, he took a step back from the advertising industry. Using his passion and desire to help and save lives, Rico took his 20 years of healthcare advertising experience and combined it with his expertise in human-centered design and his Master's in Biology/Neuroscience to create MH3 so he could do something to help.  

Our world had changed overnight, yet we were looking to celebrities and media to provide us with direction. But, for our founder, it was capturing the stories of healthcare providers on the frontline and survivors of past life-changing experiences that would help and save others from mental health related outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have created a proprietary methodology of capturing stories that demonstrates that we have the ability to drive a positive impact on mental wellness that helps and saves lives.


Zach Ricketson

Executive Producer

Zach serves MH3 as an advisor and is the husband to Rico Ricketson.  He brings 11+ years of digital and marketing experience to the team - 7 of which stems from his time helping to build marketing and operational teams, departments and processes for both established and start-up brands in Chicago and San Francisco.  

Zach received his Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Advertising as well as his Master of Science in Media Management from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Kelly Costello_190815-46_final.jpg

Kelly Costello

Chief of Innovation

Kelly brings a human-centered approach to innovation. Whether developing new offerings for a startup or Fortune 100 company, she works closely with clients to build empathy and look at the world through their customers' eyes. She coaches executives, non-profits and city government in building solutions and innovation capabilities. At MH3, she focuses on our accelerator business and partnering with clients to build custom programs that address their needs.

Kelly is adjunct faculty at Northwestern University, the Institute of Design at IIT, and CEDIM, a design school in Mexico.

Scott Praefke 2020 Headshot.JPG

Scott Praefke

Chief Marketing Officer

Scott is a passionate, creative, dynamic, and experienced marketing specialist and communications leader with 12+ years of building and establishing brands across North America. Part of that drive comes from the vision of getting brands to reach their fullest potential, but more importantly, it stems from the innate sense of wanting to help people feel and do better in their own lives.


MH3 is an innovative approach to doing just that - getting people the help and information they need to realize their fullest potential. 


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