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Are you running toward or from your goals?

For years, I found myself running away from the stress, loneliness, failure, and loss that seemed to follow me wherever I went. Eventually, I figured out the difference between running away from and walking gracefully into and it changed my life dramatically! You already have what it takes to pivot and begin solving problems and achieving goals. Here's how... There’s a significant difference between anxiously running away from something and gracefully walking toward something. The path may be the same and the destination may even be the same. The crucial difference between running away and walking toward is the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

I’ll use relationships as an example. The contrast between operating primarily within a centered, grounded, balanced state of inner power and trust versus living with a sense of discontent, stress, or imbalance and constantly searching for happiness out there somewhere is akin to the difference between surviving (just barely sometimes) and thriving. In relationships, the distinction is between consciously and trustingly (in yourself) choosing who to surround yourself with versus searching for happiness and love somewhere outside yourself. Feeling empty or as if there’s got to be more to your life leads toward using relationships and circumstances to fill that void and generate joy.

I spent many years in my 20’s and 30’s on that quest for happiness by changing jobs, relationships, houses, locations, my appearance, and more. In the end, when I experienced that pivotal shift from outside-in to inside-out in my own life and self, I discovered happiness, achievement, and self-worth lives within, not somewhere out in the world in new people, circumstances, and places.

Ultimately, the world is your mirror, reflecting on the outside the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings most constantly running on the inside. In large part, we replicate our inner reality by creating a physical image or experience of the things going on within. On the one hand, this allows us the opportunity to face and resolve unsolved struggles and unsupportive thinking which works in our favor. On the other hand, when we live in this unending cycle of repetitive challenges and unrealized goals because we’re trying to think our way out of something rather than shifting our perceptive (core beliefs), we’re working against ourselves.

Nobody is entirely free of pain and struggle so it’s not a question of eliminating or avoiding those things. It’s a matter of shifting your inner landscape (often in the form of outdated subconscious beliefs) so you can adapt to and move forward from struggles thereby solving problems and achieving goals. The key is in stepping beyond thinking and into sensing, shift from your head to your heart, from intellectual intelligence (IQ) to your emotional intelligence (EQ). You cannot think your way out of something you felt your way into.

Philosopher Eckhart Tolle shares, “Moreover, since every person carries the seed of enlightenment within, address yourself to the knower in you who dwells behind the thinker, the deeper self that immediately recognizes truth, resonates with it and gains strength from it.”

So, back to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ - the ‘why’ indicates whether you are running away from others, circumstances, or yourself as opposed to walking toward, from your innermost point of power and wisdom, toward your solutions, desires, and goals. The ‘how’ is the energy you utilize to accomplish your goals - it is fear or trust?

With Grace, Kimble


Kimble Greene, Ph.D. is a bestselling author, master catalyst, and trailblazer. As the Founder and Chief Catalyst of Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC, she serves high profile individuals across the globe seeking healing, support, and guidance as they evolve from struggle to success.

Are you ready to resolve your struggles and remove blocks once and for all? Get started by taking the Core Instincts Quiz or fast-track your journey and talk with her directly!

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