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No two employees have the same needs.  Our mission is to provide every single employee with content that speaks to their experience, no matter their race, identity, disability status, or level of mental health knowledge.  MH3 is here to start the conversation.  

Give employees more than a meditation app.  Our over 100 workshop topics and 2,000+ minutes of video content, MH3 arms employers with a robust variety of content that lets employees explore and chart their own path to wellness.  Contact us for more topics and pricing.  

Mental Health

  • How to Manage Stress & Anxiety

  • The Other Side of Suicide

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Pediatric Anxiety and Depression

  • Take Control of Anxiety, Fear, and Joy

  • Anxiety Reduction Strategies

  • Understand PTSD's Effects on Brain, Body & Emotions

  • What is Depression?

  • What is Racial Trauma

  • Healing from Racial Trauma

  • Self-care Exercises for Stress Relief & Spiritual Healing

  • Managing & Supporting the Employee with Bipolar Disorder

       and more...

Meditation in Forest

Mental Wellness

  • What has ENERGY Got To Do With It?

  • From Healing to Dignity

  • From “Busy Me” to “Best Me”

  • Empowering Your Inner Leader

  • 5 Strategies for Better Sleeping

  • Building Emotional & Mental Resilience Emotional Intelligence and Stress-Free Conflict

  • Owning My Greatness

  • Workplace Authenticity

  • How to Build Mental Fitness

  • Food as Medicine

  • Gut-Brain Optimization

  • Mastering Your Energy: A Path to Personal Sustainability

  • Cultivating a Spiritual Practice with Love

  • Celebrating Life in the Moment! “Only Happy People Can Make a Happy World”

  • Living by Grace in a Period of Uncertainty
    and more...


  • Addressing Racial Trauma in the Workplace

  • From a Safe to Brave Workplace

  • Healing Through Pride

  • Inclusion from the Inside-Out

  • Why Diversity is the Foundation of Creativity, Growth, and Evolution

  • Creating Belonging in the Workplace Community-what is it and how to build it

Physical Well-being

  • The Gut-Brain Connection

  • Energy & Physical Health

  • How to Understand & Support Someone Experiencing and/or Who Has Experienced Infertility

  • Navigating Breast Cancer in the Workplace

  • Loving yourself and your body while living with chronic illness

  • Remove the taboo around menopause

  • Practical and effective solutions to help support and manage menopause at work
    and more...

  • Micro-aggressions in Latino/x Communities

  • Confronting Anti-Asian Racism and Dismantling Systemic Racism

  • Barriers to Mental Health: The Middle Eastern Experience

  • Race, Culture, and Mental Health
    and more...


  • The Art of Thriving Relationships (parenting, coworkers, social, and familial)

  • How Parents and Teens can Work Together to Prevent Suicide and Destigmatize Mental Illness

  • 4 Healthy Communication Tips for the Parent-Child Relationship

  • It Takes a Village

  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers
    and more...

Golden Chakra

Mental Development

Rubik's Cube

Personal Development

  • Success is a whole Body Experience; Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit

  • Body-Brain Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance

  • Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine!

  • Introduction to Epigenetics

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

  • Purposeful Personal Branding
    and more...

Leadership Development

  • The Courage to Lead

  • Hiring, Transferring, Promoting, and Succession Planning

  • Successful Employee Performance Development

  • From Transactional to Transformational Leadership

  • The Whole-Being Approach to Sustainable Leadership

  • Leading Compassionately & Inclusively 
    and more...

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