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Making Mental Wellness A Workplace Standard

Person Analyzing Statistics

Employee engagement and performance insights

Get immediate data into how your employees are doing, what they need, and when they’re at risk. Strategizing and providing the best solutions begins with hearing directly from your workforce. Learn how your people are feeling and performing through aggregated, anonymized data metrics that directly impacts your ROI.

MH3 Insights

All Hands In

MH3 Learns

World-class education for work and life

Go deeper with expert-led education with bespoke workshops, courageous conversation, newsletter, and video library. Topics such as high performance, mental health, resilience and belonging, parenting, nutrition, and more. Create bespoke workshops and offerings through our corporate partnerships.

The Winner

MH3 Leads

Impact the changing global leadership paradigm by becoming a champion

Evolve your leadership impact and influence with MH3 courses, programs, and discussions designed specifically for leadership at every level.

Empower your leaders and your company in becoming workplace mental health champions with MH3's preeminent global certification program for Corporate Mental Health Champion.

Clapping Audience

MH3 Conversations

Courageous discussions are vital for moving forward

Effectively and gracefully engaging in conversations around sensitive and traumatic topics are required for transforming beliefs, behaviors, and relationships so people of all races, cultures, and identities can succeed in living their most empowered and powerful lives, at work at at home.

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