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Programs & Services

Resilience is in each one of us.  Give employees the chance to unlock their unlimited potential by charting their own course to wellness.  All of our programs and services are built using our 
three-step discovery process to build your custom plan supporting your employees.  Ready to get started?  Then schedule a demo with us today!  Otherwise, keep reading to learn more.

Give employees more than a meditation app.  With over 100 workshop topics and 2,000+ minutes of video content, MH3 arms employers with a robust variety of content that lets employees explore and chart their own path to wellness.

MH3 prides itself on the proficiency and experience of its world-class experts.  In addition to each experts's proprietary approaches, MH3 structures its offerings by covering the scope of the topic with Stigma (self and public), Science, and Solutions/Strategies.  Potential topics include:

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MH3 Learns

Educational Videos + Live & Virtual Workshops

  • Addressing Racial Trauma in the Workplace

  • From Healing to Dignity

  • Community - what is it and how to build it

  • Mastering Your Energy

  • Neurodivergence in the Workplace

  • From "Busy Me" to "Best Me"

  • Body-Brain Strategies to Supercharge Performance

  • The Gut-Brain connection

Impact the changing global leadership paradigm by becoming a champion in evolving leadership impact and influence.  A series of classes, discussions, and services specifically for leadership evolution at every level.  Potential topics include:

  • From Transactional to Transformational Leadership

  • The Whole-Being Approach to Sustainable Leadership

  • Leading Compassionately and Inclusively

As part of MH3 Leads, the Certified Corporate Mental Health Champions Program ensures that an organizations's business leaders have the most up-to-date mental health and well-being policies and best practices currently available.  Leaders will benefit from 1:1 personalized leadership development curriculum.


MH3 Leads

Educational Videos + Live & Virtual Workshops

MH3 Conversations

Closed Forum + Roundtable Discussions

Get real-time, data-driven insights into how your employees are doing and when they're at risk.  Potential topics include:

  • Roe v. Wade

  • Natural Disasters

  • Violence (e.g, gun violence, domestic abuse, War in Ukraine)

Audience at Lecture

MH3 Insights

Mood & Wellbeing Assessments + Surveys + Dashboard

Get immediate, data-driven analytics into how employees are doing and when they are at risk.  Learn how employees are feeling and performing through aggregated anonymized data metrics that impact your ROI.

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