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At MH3, our mission is to empower employers to be champions of mental health & well-being by providing resources that create and sustain mental wellness across their diverse workforce.

Billion Dollar Roundtable | Chicago 

As an LGBT, Disabled, and Minority-Certified supplier to Fortune 500 companies,  at MH3, we are believers and advocates in helping businesses achieve positive mental health and wellness outcomes with diversity and inclusion being a key pillar through which we help to achieve our goals.   We share Billion Dollar Roundtable's mission of driving supplier diversity excellence through best practice sharing and thought leadership.  We help employers and other diverse suppliers to become champions of mental health and well-being by supporting the mental health and well-being needs of your diverse workforce.

Experience the impact of conducting a comprehensive baseline assessment, focusing on the present mood, mental wellness, and overall well-being of your esteemed teams.  Our Network of 50+ Diverse Mental Health & Wellness Experts will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations creating a thriving workplace environment custom to your unique needs with a focus on people, your organization, and the communities you serve. 
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Support your people with data and curriculum fostering a healthy work environment.
Grow your organization's impact.
Show the communities you serve your commitment to mental wellness and well-being.
  • Individual Teams
  • Departments
  • ERGs, BRGs, CRGs, ARGs Initiatives
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • DEI&B
  • Sponsorships
  • Vendors & Suppliers
  • Community Impact Events

Exclusive Offer

Baseline Assessment:

  • In-depth analysis of the mental health and well-being status within your organizatio

  • Anonymous Self-Identification

  • Surveys, and data collection to gather key insights

  • Evaluation of current programs and initiatives

  • Identification of areas for improvement and growth

Strategic Action Report:

  • Customized report tailored to your organization's needs

  • Actionable ideas, insights, and inspiration from our diverse mental health & well-being experts

  • Recommendations for implementing preventative mental health and well-being strategies

  • Best practices from successful case studies

Measure up to 2,000 individuals 
Offer Price:


Regular Cost: $15,000.  

Learn more about our Programs & Services

Regular pricing dependent upon specific needs of your organization  and customization of data and curriculum to meet your goals.  Introductory offer specific to listed items above.  
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