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Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter.  Period.  In order to move forward today, it requires us all to self reflect regardless of what race or ethnicity you identify as.  Black Lives Matter is a human issue.  Reflecting on the systemic racist realities that exist in our daily lives, reflecting on the way we have organized our lives to understand what we can do, personally, in order to move forward.  It's vital that we take a step back and empathize with our fellow humans, to see things from their perspective, to relate so that we -- in the end -- come together with a common understanding and goals to evolve for the better.   It's not easy, and it will get more difficult before it gets better.  But, that's where we at MH3 want to become a part of the conversation.


With our videos on the topic of Black Lives Matter, we seek to to foster conversation from individuals of differing backgrounds and experiences to not only better understand each other, but to put those conversations out there.  If we aren't talking about it, then nothing will change for the better.


We wish you well on your mental wellness journey and thank you for trusting us at MH3 to help.


Please note that the views and opinions expressed by individuals in our videos do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of MH3 or our partners and are meant for educational purposes only.  

Black Lives Matter
The Origin of Generational Trauma with Dr. Mensimah Shabazz, Ph.D.

The Origin of Generational Trauma with Dr. Mensimah Shabazz, Ph.D.

In this first chapter of ‘Spiritual Healing from Generational Trauma and Shame’ learn about the: • Origin of generational trauma for the black community • Ongoing Impact of generational trauma to black communities in both Africa and the United States • Stark differences Dr. Shabazz experienced living as a black woman in Italy vs. the United States Sign-up for a free trial to continue watching our Master Class with Dr. Mensimah Shabazz, Ph.D. In the final two chapters, you will learn how to begin healing from both generational trauma and shame. A native of Ghana, Dr. Mensimah Shabazz holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Studies from Sophia University and a doctorate in philosophy and religion (Women’s Spirituality) from the California Institute of Integral Studies Dr. Mensimah Shabazz, Ph.D. is a Transformational Coach, Teacher, and Author. She is committed to helping men and women own their power in their relationships and life. Mensimah uses a non-traditional approach that allows clients to own their power and create a more peaceful and joyful life. She is also an adjunct professor at a local community college. She believes in creating a safe environment for individuals and groups to cultivate a soul-based practice that is empowering and authentic. Dr. Shabazz brings a wealth of knowledge–life experiences, cultural background, education, and professional expertise, and teaches clients how to balance life issues that lead to self-healing, self-understanding, and transformation.
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