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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a sad and unfortunate reality.  As we engage with the daily news, we are confronted with realities many of us wish to ignore on the topic-- and many do -- but many others in the U.S. today can’t ignore domestic violence.  Why?  They live it daily.  


If you’re dealing with the issue of domestic violence in some capacity, we first encourage you to reach out to those with whom you feel the most comfortable or to the respective authorities near your home for help and or information.  We do provide some resources after our videos that are pertinent to the topic at hand.  Use these resources if you feel comfortable doing so.  


At MH3, we wish to address this topic by sharing stories of survivors of domestic violence and more.  Our goal is to inspire others to seek help or be the help others may need -- safely.  


We wish you well on your mental wellness journey and thank you for trusting us at MH3 to help.


Please note that the views and opinions expressed by individuals in our videos do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of MH3 or our partners and are meant for educational purposes only. 

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