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A subscription-based platform for 
mental health education

 Direct accesss to credible mental   health education from over 50   Health & Wellness Experts from   diverse communities across

 the U.S. 

 Hosted by Rico Ricketson




MH3 connects us all with mental wellness in a deeper, more meaningful way, to drive urgency to change for the better.  Our platform connects you with experts in their fields in a relaxing and engaging interview-format to help you own and maintain your all around wellness.  No matter what you’re looking for, MH3 can help.

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4 Ways to Improve Mental Wellness by MH3.CO HEALTH & WELLNESS EXPERTS
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Problem / MH3 Solution

Mental wellness can mean different things to different people.  It's because of this that MH3 came to be.  As we see it, mental wellness is a state of well-being where you, as an individual, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and are able to make a contribution to the community while still addressing those stressors that can slow things down.


 It's when you identify a problem or something bothering you and you choose to address it that you take control of your own mental and physical wellness.  But where to begin?  At MH3. 


Access to accurate, trustworthy, and credible sources of health information has never been more important.  Our solve is to provide this access.  MH3 goes beyond news headlines and social media to provide members with easy access to the ideas, insights, and inspiration of those in numerous healthcare fields -- both on and off the frontlines -- and of survivors of previous life-changing experiences.  With MH3, you gain access to 1,000+ minutes of videos from 40+, and growing, health and wellness experts.  Try us out today and see for yourself.

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