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Mental Wellness

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As we see it, mental wellness is a state of well-being where you, as an individual, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and are able to make a contribution to the community while still addressing those stressors that can slow things down.  


But, it’s not always easy to prioritize your mental wellness in our daily lives, priorities get in the way; work, family, the randomness of life will, too.  If you truly wish to improve your own mental wellness, you must first find the time to sit with yourself, identify what you’re feeling -- to the best of your ability -- and go from there.  When you’re ready to explore improving your mental wellness, we know you’ll find something that resonates from our videos below.


Our healthcare experts, professionals, and survivors of life-changing experiences provide a variety of ideas, insights, and inspiration.  Check back weekly for new topics and videos!   


We wish you well on your mental wellness journey and thank you for trusting us at MH3 to help.  


Please note that the views and opinions expressed by individuals in our videos do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of MH3 or our partners and are meant for educational purposes only.