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My Last Thoughts

Cruising down Route 80, going 80.

Windshield wipers swishing aggressively.

Thunder cracks after lightning bolts out past the mountains in the distance.

Will anyone even miss me?

Negative thoughts streaming across my mind.

Sweaty palms gripping my steering wheel tightly.

Looking up in the rear view mirror, noticing no cars in the distance.

My car is old; it’ll just be an accident.

My foot pressing on the gas pedal a little harder.

My heart fluttering rapidly in between my ribs.

Looking ahead, not a car in the distance.

Here goes nothing.

My hands shift quickly to the left and an innate reflex jerks them back to the right.

The car swerving back into the fast lane, skidding over fallen leaves.

Looking around, still not a single car in the distance.

No one saw it. It’s like it didn’t even happen. Tonight is a night to forget.

In the US, please contact the National Suicide Prevention for free and confidential support, 1-800-273-8255 In Canada, please contact the Canada Suicide Prevention Service, 1-833-456-456

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